Olela’s natural accommodation allows you to truly experience nature at its best and feel connected. And to connect with those around you. In order to have a deep connection with your loved ones, you need to find time and ways to charge yourself. Disconnect yourself from constant communication, take time for yourself and return. Charged!


Olela nature houses are part of an innovation in wooden house construction, where a new approach to the use of modular construction elements for erecting both small houses and up to 7-storey wooden frame buildings has been introduced in recent years under the collective name “pattern building”. The pattern house concept significantly saves time and reduces material consumption, thereby reducing the burden on the environment.

We use low-carbon materials, such as wood and stone wool, as both construction and finishing materials. But at the same time, we integrate the latest technologies, including electricity generation from hydrogen.

Olela houses are autonomous. This means that the houses are not connected to the water supply or sewerage system and the electricity is produced and stored on site. The location of Olela houses in natural environments is also temporary. The houses are transported in their entirety and can be moved at any time. As a result, the impact of each individual house on the environment is minimal.


ENCHANTING PLACES – our nature houses are easily accessible; however, they are hidden pearls to stay in and are in sync with nature all year round.

ALL AMENITIES – even though the houses are immersed deep in the natural environment, they offer the same amenities as a first-class hotel room.

NATURE FRIENDLY – Olela nature houses have been built and are managed with the least possible environmental impact.

The essence of taking a holiday and travelling is to experience something different. The direct experience of nature, which is different in every place and enriching at any time of the year, is becoming more and more valuable. Nature vacation is an opportunity to forge better contacts with your loved ones, stay in one place and enjoy being human.

There is an urgent need in the world to slow down. The greatest luxury is to have completely blank pages on your calendar.

Until recently, the definition of luxury was space – lots of rooms, a large garden, lots of distance from the neighbour. Now that everyday life is increasingly taking place in the digital space (and all the time), MY time is becoming the definition of luxury. OLELA allows you to take your time and experience the greatest luxury there is – being surrounded by pure nature.

In today’s world, the speed of life is insane. We live in a digital world but are still analogue creatures. We have more information but less time and space to truly understand and make sense of it. Sometimes, it is necessary to slow down from the speed of light to the speed of living.

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